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Accepting new patients age 18 and older

As we welcome you to our practice I am pleased to offer you a choice when it comes to your experience as a patient with us. Traditional practices are often forced to treat thousands of patients just to make ends meet. For patients, this often means delays in getting an appointment, lots of long waits and being rushed through your visit. Our practice offers quite the opposite through what’s known as concierge or membership medicine.

How will I benefit by becoming a member?

Basically, membership medicine means service—better service for you from a doctor who has the time to be dedicated to your wishes and concerns.

If you choose our membership option, you’ll enjoy many significant benefits not typically found in a medical practice – which translate into better overall health and vitality for you:

  • You’ll only see me. No nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants—ever
  • Longer, unhurried appointments so I can address all of your concerns
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience
  • Brief or no office wait time so you can get on with your day
  • 24/7 communication with me via cell phone, text, and email – sometimes avoiding an appointment altogether
  • Reduced likelihood of Emergency Department visits and hospitalization
  • Fast and direct communication with you about lab work or diagnostic tests for your peace of mind
  • Direct communication with me regarding your health records through our patient portal
  • Thoroughly coordinated and communicated referrals to specialists or other providers
  • If you are hospitalized, local visits to assist you in making decisions about your care

Additional Services for You

If you need to be admitted to the hospital, I will be there for you too. With privileges at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Cape Fear Hospital, I’ll see you to help advise and guide you through treatment options and decisions.

As a member of our practice, you can also take advantage of our affiliations with other local providers for physical therapy, mental health, massage services, nutrition and exercise planning and coaching, and athletic club membership.

Insurances are billed and copays collected as they would be with any other doctor.

How do I join?

Becoming a member is easy and you can do so at any time. You may sign up by contacting Linda, our Patient Membership Coordinator / Office Manager. We also welcome non-members to our practice, but please keep in mind that the additional service benefits not covered by insurance plans are reserved for paying members.

What are your membership fees?

Adults: $135/month (discount if paid up front annually)

Young Adult Children of Members  (age 18-26): $49/month

Members have option of quarterly or annual payment plan

To receive an enrollment package or find out more: