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Introduction to Wilmington Adult Medicine

Dr Steve and Linsa Liederbach
Dr. Steve and Linda Liederbach

As your doctor, I practice medicine in a different way than you may be used to. As medical practices get larger and suffer under increasing insurance restraints, many have come to lack something very important—personal attention. Due to sagging reimbursements by insurance companies and higher operating costs, many practices are forced to see many patients every day. I want to care for you on a more personal level.

By keeping my practice small, I can focus first on who you are as a person instead of your illness or symptoms. And you’ll see only me – not a nurse practitioner or other doctors—so you get the attention you deserve in a caring, warm environment.

Different Experience for You

My practice is based on a partial concierge or membership medicine model.  This allows me to limit the number of patients I see and provide the personalized, comprehensive primary care you can’t find in most doctors’ offices.

If you choose to become a member, for an affordable annual fee you can access same- or next-day unrushed appointments that allow me to address all of your questions and concerns. And because you’ll have ongoing direct communication with me, sometimes you can avoid an appointment altogether, or even a trip to the Emergency Department.

Not ready to become a member yet? That’s okay. I’m still happy to see you—just understand that many of these special service benefits are for members only.

Different Results for You

My smaller practice allows me to focus on more than treating problems, but also teaching wellness and prevention with the goal of living a long and healthy life free from disease. See our services.

Our healthcare system is filled with plenty of challenges, but having a doctor who can spend enough time with you shouldn’t be one of them. I look forward to providing you the attentive, personalized care you have always hoped to find.

Do you have questions? Please call us at (910) 762-4488. Our Patient Membership Coordinator / Office Manager Linda will be happy to help you.

~ Dr. Steve Liederbach
Board Certified, Internal Medicine